UNREST a novella by Emma Côté

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Brisk and darkly comic, UNREST is both a road trip story and a touching eulogy. A short story that tackles life, death, and what we leave behind.

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Winner of the 43rd Annual 3-Day Novel Writing Contest

This story is a product of Anvil Press‘ 3-day Novel Competition. The event takes place every September long weekend and is open to people around the world. The rules are simple: contestants can plot and plan, but will not write before midnight on the Friday. And not a word is recorded past midnight on the Monday. All entries are read by a panel of judges, and a sole winner is chosen. Unrest is the 2020 winner. 

Unrest is the story of Mylène Andrews. As a mortician, she deals with death and dying everyday. But outside of work, she has never figured out how to live. After her estranged mother passes away, Mylène sets out in her hearse to visit famous cemeteries across America. Her sole guide is a collection of unsent postcards and the residual wake of a tragedy long-considered buried.

With her colourful vintage wardrobe and caustic sense of humour, Mylène always subverts the expectations of a ‘normal’ funeral director.  The fact that she is crossing the country in a hearse doesn’t hurt either.  In fact, it helps her become a media sensation. The nation watches as she encounters strange scenarios, including pesky rodents, rabid fans, and underwater graveyards.

Brisk and darkly comic, Unrest is a road trip story and a touching eulogy on life, death, and what we leave behind.

About the Author 

Emma Côté is from a small town in Northern Ontario, where there was nothing to do. The winters were long and cold. She learned to love reading as a way to pass the time. She went on to study journalism, English literature and creative writing. Recently, she completed a postgraduate certificate in publishing. Emma has worked as an English language arts teacher in Cambodia and a freelance editor in Costa Rica. She now lives in a small Northern town. On the weekends, she works on turning her tiny home into a writing retreat. And she loves to ask people if she can pet their dog. Unrest is her debut novel. (full bio available here) 

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    I am the author of this book, so I think it’s okay.

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