There’s Always Room to Grow

April 25, 2020

I’ve started up and abandoned a number of blogs over the years, because at a certain point something always ended up feeling inauthentic about them. I had a travel blog for a while, but it just started to feel a bit vapid and HEY, LOOK HOW GREAT MY LIFE IS, and that just isn’t the audience I want to connect with.

So I’m trying to come at this new blog from a more authentic place. And the only thing that’s remained truly, completely authentic throughout my time here on Earth, is my love of books.

I’m currently completing a postgraduate program in book, magazine and electronic publishing here in Toronto, and I realized through that experience just how much books really mean to me. Specifically, the ones that contributed to my growth because they made me think, or evaluate parts of myself that would have otherwise gone ignored. While the magazine side of things was really interesting, I love the expansiveness and the journey you get to go on in a book. (Character arcs are life!) So that’s why I started this blog. I absolutely adore speculative fiction, because I think the genre helps us question what’s possible, and shows us what we want to avoid. And after seven years of post secondary education, and literally COUNTLESS certifications and courses over the years, I’m nothing if not an eternal student. So I think there is a real intersection between spec fic and nonfic, and that’s what I’ll be exploring here. Think Isabella Tree’s Wilding meets Michael Christie’s Greenwood. If I find a connection and it moves me, I figure it might move you too? And it would be great to get into why.

Rather than giving out proper ratings, because let’s face it, ratings are kinda mean, I’ll just let you know what I learned, and why the book moved me, or why it didn’t. ‘Cause honestly, connection and realness are what matter. And I can’t imagine anything better than books to help us do both.

So let’s get started!